Work Overalls

    If you need workwear that can protect you from cold and dirt, MASCOT can help you. You will find a wide selection of durable and functional work overalls that are usable in many work situations. With MASCOT’s work overalls, you will be protected from head to toe, and at the same time, you will avoid your workwear separating on the back, for example when working while bent over. Whether your work takes place indoors or outdoors, MASCOT definitely has a boilersuit that matches your needs.

    Variants for all professions

    MASCOT offers many different types of work boilersuits for different trades and professions. You will find one-layer boilersuits, winter boilersuits and hi-vis boilersuits. The assortment also includes a multi-protective boilersuit, which is anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant. If you need e.g. a boilersuit that can keep you warm and dry, a windproof and waterproof winter boilersuit is preferable. In the assortment, you will also find work overalls that are produced in a lightweight material and are therefore particularly suitable for work in warmer environments.

    Functionality in all work situations

    Common for the MASCOT work overalls is high functionality. The work overalls have different details and features in order to make sure that there is a boilersuit suitable for you, regardless of your needs. You will find a number of practical pockets, such as chest pockets, front pockets, inner pockets and thigh pockets for storage of tools and other personal belongings. You can also choose work overalls with kneepad pockets so you can protect your knees and maintain a high level of comfort through the work day.