Dress in Layers

    Do you want optimal protection in all weathers and working conditions? The best way to do this is to dress in layers and to choose the right clothing from inner to outer. The right clothes are ones that match both your level of activity and your surroundings. MASCOT's assortment of workwear includes a wide selection of T-shirts, tops and jackets, all designed to be combined in layers.

    At MASCOT, we recommend counting to three when getting dressed for your working day: (1) Stay dry, (2) Keep warm, (3) Protect against the weather.

    T-shirt - Layer 1 - A moisture wicking layer

    Layer 1 - A moisture wicking layer

    Your inner layer should first and foremost be moisture wicking, so you avoid getting cold. You will best achieve this with a polyester material combined with an elastic fibre to ensure full freedom of movement. MASCOT’s assortment includes products that have a close-fit and are elastic, which offer a great freedom of movement. These products are moisture wicking, fast-drying and have an anti-bacterial finish to prevent odours from developing. The result is comfortable and effective regulation of your body temperature - even in warm working conditions and when you are physically active.

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    Work Jumper - Layer 2 - A warm and insulating layer

    Layer 2 - A warm and insulating layer

    You can often get away with just two layers in the milder seasons – a moisture wicking layer and an insulating layer. Your insulating layer can even be a combination of several different products. The purpose of the insulating layer is to keep you warm while also leading any moisture away. Your second layer should keep you warm in cold conditions without inhibiting your freedom of movement. Products with CLIMASCOT® lining make for the perfect middle layer. CLIMASCOT® Lightweight Insulation is a breathable lining with excellent insulation properties. The lining also has a low weight and density, which means that it doesn't restrict your movements during the working day.

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    Winter Jacket - Layer 3 - A layer to protect you from the elements

    Layer 3 - A layer to protect you from the elements

    Your outer layer needs to be wind and waterproof in order to protect you from the elements. But that's not all – breathability is also important. A high level of breathability is necessary to stay warm. If you can't get rid of moisture, you will get wet and then cold. MASCOT's assortment of workwear includes a wide selection of jackets that are breathable, wind and waterproof or water-repellent. Whether your outer layer needs to be waterproof or water-repellent will depend on your exact surroundings. The difference lies in whether the seams are taped or not. If your jacket is water-repellent there is a risk that water may seep in through the seams.

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    Keep warm and stay dry all winter. Count to three when you dress for your workday.

    1 Stay dry
    2 Keep warm
    3 Protect against the weather

    Combine the layers according to the temperature and your level of activity.