Workwear in large sizes

    Do you struggle to find workwear that fits you? MASCOT offers workwear in a wide choice of designs and sizes. Many products are available in larger sizes - without compromising comfort, fit or quality. We offer workwear in large sizes for many different industries. And whether you are looking for a pair of work trousers, a work jacket or a fleece top, you are sure to find it in our range.
    ADVANCED Trousers with kneepad pockets

    Clothing that fits means optimum comfort

    When you are choosing workwear, it is important that the clothes fit properly, so that comfort, features and safety remain optimum. Find the right size by measuring as close to your body as possible. Several of MASCOT's trousers come with a choice of three leg lengths.

    Larger sizes require a little extra effort

    At MASCOT, size never gets in the way of options. Your workwear must be comfortable to wear whatever the size. It takes a little more effort to make well-fitting workwear in larger sizes because the clothing still has to comply with all relevant certifications, the pattern has to be adapted to the fabric, and more fabric is required. But this is an effort that MASCOT is more than happy to make so that you never need to compromise on quality, comfort or safety.

    ADVANCED Trousers with kneepad pockets

    Safety footwear that fits your feet

    Do you struggle to find work footwear large enough for your feet? MASCOT offers shoes, boots and sandals in sizes that go up to 48. The shoe sizes are average compared to other shoe sizes. Safety shoes and safety boots from MASCOT retain their certification regardless of your shoe size. When it comes to footwear, comfort and safety are key. We therefore recommend that you try on the footwear before buying.