It is important to choose the right materials for your workwear, so you get the very best workwear that is exactly right for you and your work situation. Take a closer look at the different materials and get inspiration for what you should go for when it comes to workwear.

MASCOT Technologies

MASCOT has developed its own textile brands to be able to offer you the best products. Below, you will find information about the brands’ features and benefits, so you know what to look for.


Stay warm with CLIMASCOT®-lining

Benefit from a lining of the brand CLIMASCOT® Lightweight Insulation. Besides having a high insulating power, CLIMASCOT® gives you a breathable lightweight material that takes up very little room when compressed. The environment has also been considered with CLIMASCOT®, as it is partially made from recycled materials.

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Removal of moisture effectively

You give off a lot of heat and moisture when you move around. Preferably, moisture should be dissipated from the body so you don’t get the feeling of being soaked, as this can easily lead to you becoming cold. The right clothes will help you remain comfortable even with high activity levels, as they quickly lead moisture away from the body. MASCOT has clothing made from MASCODRY®, which can handle this for you so you can concentrate on work instead.

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Bearnylon® logo

Durability in the cold.

Bearnylon® is water and stain resistant, extremely durable and is used primarily as an outer material in MASCOT’s winterwear. Bearnylon® gives products a long life and when combined with a lining, provides insulating properties.

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Perfect protection against wind and water

On days with heavy rain you need workwear made from MASCOTEX®. MASCOTEX® is a fabric with a breathable laminate on the back that makes the material waterproof. It is certified to EN 343, the European norm for protection against rain. When MASCOT® makes workwear in MASCOTEX®, all seams are taped so your MASCOTEX® product is 100% waterproof. It is also breathable so you can work comfortably at a fast pace.

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PyroPro® logo

Protection against flames and embers

PyroPro® is MASCOT’s anti-static, acid resistant and flame retardant fabric used in the MASCOT® MULTISAFE range. The fabric gets its flame retardant properties from a chemical surface treatment. The fabric also protects against arcs and occasional welding. Products in this fabric are approved according to EN ISO 11612 (A1, B1, C1, E1), EN ISO 14116 (index 3/50x75° C), EN 1149-3, EN 1149-5, ENV 50354/EN 61482-1-2 (class 1), EN ISO 11611 and EN 13034.

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Thermax® logo

Maximum protection against the cold

Thermax® is an insulating, triple layered material developed by MASCOT®. It is used primarily in our thermal underwear as the material is extremely insulating. The fabric is developed for use in very low temperatures and for low activity work in cold environments. It is designed so that the inner polyester layer channels moisture away from the body out to the cotton and modal fibres in the outer layer, so your skin always feels dry. The outer layer of the fabric is also insulating and helps to keep the heat in.

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MASCOT carefully selects the textile brands used in the workwear. Each textile brand is selected based on its unique properties in order to offer you the absolute best quality. You can read more about the different brands and their advantages and properties below.

Dyneema® logo

Stronger than steel

Some situations demand extraordinary durability. By using Dyneema® in the kneepad pocket material, MASCOT combines properties such as stretch and extreme durability with low weight. The ultra-strong and very durable fibre Dyneema® helps increase the kneepad pocket’s durability while maintaining the comfort when working in kneeling situations.

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Fabric for everday wear and tear

High durability is crucial when you are working at a fast pace. Holster pockets and ruler pockets have to stand the pressure when tools, nails and screws are taken in and out of the pockets countless times during the day. MASCOT ensures durability by using lots of CORDURA® fabric on all the exposed places, such as kneepad pockets, holster pockets and ruler pockets. CORDURA® fabric is in fact seven times stronger than cotton. We use both 1000D CORDURA® (quality 11) and the lighter 500D CORDURA® (quality 12).

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Leading in moisture wicking

COOLMAX® is the market leader with regard to moisture dispersion. Use MASCOT COOLMAX® garments when choosing clothing that is worn close to the skin, i.e. underwear and socks. COOLMAX® quickly transports moisture away from the skin and disperses it through the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. With the help of COOLMAX®, your skin never feels damp and you avoid any undesirable cooling of the body. Choose products that combine COOLMAX® and wool (quality 871) for two functions in one: efficient moisture wicking and extra insulation. Products containing COOLMAX® are soft, easy to wash and quick-drying.

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TENCEL® logo

Cooling, soft and durable workwear

Imagine your workwear having the usual durability and strong quality whilst being cool and soft. This is the feeling you’ll have from our fabric in quality 203, where TENCEL® is used. TENCEL® is a natural, sustainable fibre derived from trees. When used in workwear, TENCEL® is cooling and extremely moisture wicking. MASCOT is one of the first to use TENCEL® in workwear, but it has been used for many years in clothing for elite athletes. Mixed with polyester, TENCEL® provides a very robust fabric.

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Teflon® logo

Durable visibility

Teflon® is used in many of MASCOT’s fluorescent products. Teflon® is a protecting treatment that penetrates into the fibres and repels most water and oil based liquids. Fluorescent workwear that is dirt repellent is more visible in the surroundings. Since your visibility is crucial for safety at work, Teflon® is a great invention for those who work in or near traffic or machinery.

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LYCRA® logo


LYCRA® adds comfort, fit, shape retention, durability and freedom of movement. LYCRA ® can be stretched up to seven times its initial length before springing back to the original position once tension is released. LYCRA ® gives stability and holds the sock in place on the foot.

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Safety footwear

With MASCOT’s safety footwear, you are optimally protected if misfortune strikes. MASCOT has carefully selected the footwear brands that are part of the safety footwear assortment to offer you the best footwear. Take a closer look at the various brands and get inspiration for what to choose.

Boa® Fit System logo

Patented Boa® closure system

Boa® is a clever locking system and an alternative to traditional drawstring closures. Boa® consists of a mechanical wheel that is connected to stainless steel laces. Rotate the wheel to lace the footwear and lift the wheel to loosen the laces. Boa® is particularly convenient when you need your shoes on and off several times during the day.

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SympaTex® logo

SympaTex® membrane

SympaTex® upper material provides breathable and waterproof footwear by means of a membrane in the material. To comply with the norm for waterproof footwear, the footwear must be able to resist water for at least 12 hours. SympaTex® complies with this norm.

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Thinsulate™ logo

Thinsulate™ Insulation

Thinsulate™ Insulation is an insulating inner liner which is moisture resistant, breathable and keeps your feet warm.

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Oeko-Tex® Standard 100