Working at MASCOT

    MASCOT is an international company with employees in about 20 different countries. The headquarters in Denmark houses 400 employees consisting of more than 15 different nationalities and has customer contact on a worldwide daily basis. Would you like to be on the team?

    Corporate culture

    There is a prevailing energetic culture and solutions-orientated flexibility at MASCOT, which is of significant benefit to our customers. Ensuring high quality products and customer needs are the main focus of MASCOT's workforce.
    There are more to employees' skills than just being a professionally competent employee. As a MASCOT employee you must be independent and responsible. High standards are expected and a great deal of responsibility is given to all employees. MASCOT is very aware that it is the behaviour, attitude, education, know-how and experience of the employees that make up the collective competence of MASCOT.

    The employees

    The employees of a company are its most important resource because only a competent and well-educated staff can continue and further develop the company to meet with future challenges. We employ and develop our employees on the basis of their potential and the results they achieve. Rewards are given for effort, and in particular, results.
    All our employees are characterised by their commitment, flexibility and discipline in their work. It should also be the hallmark of the company that everyone behaves ethically correct, both internally and externally.
    We endeavour to satisfy both personal and professional interests as much as possible as long as they harmonise with the interests and goals of the company.
    We can only achieve success and reach our long-term goals by working together for the goals of the company. Therefore all employees are encouraged to develop themselves personally and professionally within their area of work - i.e. by training - all staff are supported in this by the company.


    MASCOT's employees perform many different types of work together and they consist of many different nationalities, educations and backgrounds. Common to them all is a professional approach to work, flexibility and willingness to adapt. MASCOT is a workplace with great potential and many of the employees have been with the company for over 10 years