MASCOT RE-worked®

    MASCOT develops and produces workwear of a high quality with a long shelf life. Even after a long period of use there is still value in our workwear textiles and in an environmental context, it is inappropriate if the used workwear is thrown away when worn out instead of exploiting the value of recycling and reworking of the materials and component parts.

    MASCOT RE-worked®

    At MASCOT, we are constantly looking to reduce our resource consumption in our production whilst also trying to extend the overall life cycle of our products.

    That is why we are launching the concept MASCOT RE-worked®, where together with our distributors we can offer their many business customers who wear MASCOT workwear that their used garments can be part of a circular process.

    The MASCOT RE-worked® concept is particularly suitable for companies that focus on the recycling of used materials or on their CO2 emissions and their overall environmental footprint. This concept provides a responsible end of life process for all workwear and PPE.

    Used work clothes become a resource

    Our partner collects used MASCOT workwear and breaks it down into small particles which will then be re-used in materials such as insulation, geotextiles, partition walls & sound boarding as well as new mono-textiles where possible.

    A deal with options

    MASCOT RE-worked® is a collaboration between MASCOT, our distributors and their customers who use MASCOT workwear. Once an agreement has been finalised, the customer receives lockable bins in which they are able to collect clean, used workwear. The bins are then collected by our business partner based on an agreed schedule (different service frequencies are available). 

    If you would like to know more about this option, please make contact with your local MASCOT Sales Manager, call us on 0161 504 0960 or write to us at

    REworked MASCOT Workwear