The workwear of the future is now here

    Thu, 11 May 2023

    Thanks to more than forty years of experience designing and producing workwear for tradespeople, MASCOT holds unique insights into what tradespeople expect and demand from their workwear. High quality, exceptional comfort and everyday functionality are all high on the list of what tradespeople want from their workwear – both now and in the future. The first products in the MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range can now be found on the shelves of wherever you buy your workwear.


    "We have reimagined workwear – yet again. With sustainability in focus, our ambition has been to create the best workwear in the world. Workwear that is extremely long lasting and made with an even higher proportion of recycled materials – now even lighter and stretchier," says MASCOT’s Managing Director and Owner, Michael Grosbøl, about the development of this new workwear range.




    Developed in collaboration with tradespeople

    MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED offers unique freedom of movement and new innovative features. You can customise your trousers and add holster pockets to match your needs. Place the holster pockets wherever you want using MASCOT’s unique Click Pocket System.


    MASCOT’s test users have been involved in the development process and their contribution has helped to ensure factors such as the optimal location of pockets, reinforcements in exactly the right places, extremely durable kneepad pockets and extra ventilation in the trousers, not to mention the perfect fit.



    "We started as test users around two years ago and now here we are with the full range. It was really fun to be a part of the process and to leave our mark on something that we use for hours and hours, every day. Now we can look at the workwear and say: We helped make those. They have become a part of our story." – Morten and Mikkel, Carpenters and two of MASCOT’s Test Users.


    Long-lasting products with a high content of recycled materials

    As a tradesperson, you would much prefer not to waste both time and money on having to change workwear often. MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED combines the light weight and comfort of sportswear with the durability of workwear. Plus, many of the products are also made with a uniquely high content of recycled materials in the product’s main material.


    "We do our very best, every day, to develop workwear that will last longer. As a company, we have a duty to reduce our consumption and to reuse the planet’s resources responsibly. Long-lasting products have always been a part of MASCOT’s DNA – and they will remain so in the future. By making products that our customers will love, products they will use again and again and which will also last longer, we can minimise overall resource consumption in our production process as over time we will produce fewer products," says Michael Grosbøl.


    Alongside the many new products, MASCOT has also developed a new fabric, together with its subcontractors, to ensure extremely durable products that also contain a uniquely high content of recycled materials in their primary fabric material. For the first time, the primary fabric in many of the products is even made of recycled polyamide – textile waste from the production process.


    Workwear in new colours

    Tradespeople today want to put together a personal look – some prefer classic colours while others want something new and a bit different to what is usually seen in their trade. With more than fifteen different colour combinations to choose from, the new MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range allows tradespeople to forge their own style.


    "I think the red trousers are really awesome. They are my new favourite. And I don't care at all that they aren't brown – even if that’s the classic colour for carpenters." – Mikkel, Carpenter and Test User.


    MASCOT’s new range has both single-colour and two-tone trousers in the following colours and combinations, among others: autumn red / grey, bordeaux / grey and stone blue / dark navy, and more classic colours such as nut brown / black and so on. Plus, you can now complete the look with light and flexible safety footwear in matching colours.