If you need new workwear that is hard-wearing and smart, and where innovative features, great freedom of movement and a high level of comfort have been incorporated from the start, then take a closer look at the products in our MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range.

    MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED products are even lighter, stronger and have even more stretch. The large number of products and many different product types mean you can find the exact clothing you feel comfortable in. The wide choice of colours and colour combinations also allow you to match the clothing to your company’s profile or your personal style.

    Long-lasting durability is key

    High quality and long-lasting durability are key features of the MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range. Because we know that workwear is subjected to many things during the course of the working day. All the materials for your new clothing is tested multiple times before being put into production. We also have the workwear tested by your colleagues to ensure that both the clothing and the features are able to withstand the wear and tear they are often subjected to, and to ensure that the most important features are placed where they make your job easier.

    Extra wear resistance where it is needed the most
    One way to ensure the durability and presentability of the clothing is to give them a water and dirt-repellent surface treatment. As well as keeping the clothing presentable for longer, you are also kept dry in drizzle and showers.

    Extra wear resistance where it is needed the most

    To ensure that your trousers last as long as possible, it is important that the material on the knees is extra durable. On some of the trousers in the MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range (those in fabric quality 605), we have made the kneepad pockets extremely wear resistant, so that they will last just as long as your trousers.

    Holster pockets for your trade

    Holster pockets can serve as your toolbox when you are working in areas where you do not always have all your tools handy. That is why it is essential that the pockets have the compartments that you need.

    The MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range includes holster pockets specifically designed for your needs. You will find holster pockets specifically designed for electricians, painters or other tradespeople who need large compartments for all their different tools.

    Flexible placement via the Click Pocket System

    Extend the lifetime of your work trousers with holster pockets with the Click Pocket System. The click system allows you to place holster pockets in areas where you want to add more holster pockets to your trousers, e.g. three or four. And you can quickly and easily transfer the holster pockets from your work trousers to your shorts so you avoid having to move your tools from one to the other. This saves you time in your working day, even if the temperature changes.

    Holster pockets are sold separately

    The holster pockets in the MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range are sold separately. This gives you the added benefit of extending the lifetime of your work trousers. It is often the holster pockets that are the first to tear, before the trousers, as they are subjected to extra wear and load from tools. Now you can simply buy new holster pockets when the old ones wear out, but keep your trousers, which means you avoid having to replace them as frequently.

    Flexible placement via the Click Pocket System

    A total solution with tops for your needs

    Combine your new work trousers with matching tops for a consistent look. The MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range includes a wide palette of tops, which you can mix and match for clothing that keeps you warm and dry while you work.

    Customise your style from top to toe

    Complete your look with matching safety footwear that will provide comfort throughout the working day. The design and unique colours from the rest of the MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range are also represented in the shoes and provide the finishing touch to your outfit. With safety footwear from MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED you get optimal protection, a comfortable and stable footing with an extremely slip-resistant outer sole as well as unique shock absorbing midsoles.

    Long-lasting durability and recycled materials – a natural part of the range

    Long-lasting durability is essential when it comes to workwear. And now that it is possible to produce workwear from recycled materials with a durability and wear resistance to parallel new materials, it quite simply makes sense to act responsibly.

    Recycled mainmaterial 
    The MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range contains multiple products that are made from recycled materials – often in their primary material – which have a wear resistance on a par with products made from non-recycled materials.

    Recycled polyamide - surplus materials from textile production

    The MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range comprises trousers and tops of which the primary material is made of recycled polyamide, which comes from surplus materials from textile production. This does not mean that used clothing has been turned into new material. Rather it is a case of surplus materials from the textile production process, such as face material, yarn and similar having been recycled into new fabric.

    Recycled polyester – recycled plastic

    Many of the products in the MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range are also made from recycled polyester. This recycled polyester comes from recycled plastic material, e.g. used plastic bottles, which are broken down and used again. Or other plastic materials that are broken down to a granulate and reused as a new resource.