Work Jackets

    MASCOT offers a wide range of durable work jackets with a great fit and a well thought out design. We have jackets for all kinds of weather, ranging from a light fleece jacket for chilly mornings to an insulating and waterproof winter jacket that is good for frosty winter days. Rain jackets are also part of the assortment, and if you need a work jacket that is anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant, then look for our multi-protective jackets. Our work jackets are available in many different colours and if visibility at work is important, we also offer work jackets in fluorescent colours in the MASCOT® SAFE ranges. All our work jackets are quality tested and if you are looking for one with a special certification, you'll have ample opportunity to find it here at MASCOT.

    Our work jackets are designed on the basis of a high level of comfort. They are breathable so you can get rid of excess heat without being cooled down. Additionally, the fit provides good freedom of movement so that the jacket does not bother you while working. The jackets from MASCOT® ADVANCED take it to the next level with ULTIMATE STRETCH, which ensures the ultimate freedom of movement. The design not only offers great comfort but also a high degree of functionality. Our work jackets are equipped with all the right pockets and holders so you can carry with you your tools, cell phone, ID card and much more.