Functional Trousers

    Do you work outdoors, or enjoy a brisk walk in the fresh air? Functional trousers from MASCOT are for people who need trousers with different features to those usually found in workwear trousers. For example, if you need ultimate functionality and freedom of movement as well as unique pockets, then functional trousers are ideal for you.

    Features for activity and outdoor life

    When you are outdoors, it is important that your trousers have the features you need. With functional trousers from MASCOT, you get functional pockets for storing your phone, a reinforced knife pocket that prevents your knife from damaging your trousers, and elastic adjustment at the ankles so you can strap your trousers right into your feet. All features to suit your needs when you are outside. With a water-repellent finish and ventilation by the knees, you are guaranteed excellent comfort in all weathers.

    The functional trousers are available in a wide choice of colours. You can also combine them with other products in MASCOT's range - including our functional tops. These trousers also come with reinforced knees, and some models have black fabric on the seat to hide any visible dirt from sitting down. The fit is slimmer than other MASCOT trousers, and it follows and supports your body's movements so you can move unhindered.

    Functional trousers in ULTIMATE STRETCH

    Full freedom of movement and ultimate comfort. MASCOT's functional trousers are available in ULTIMATE STRETCH. The elastic stretch fibres in the fabric give you freedom to move and ensure the trousers return to their original shape when not being stretched. This means you avoid the trousers feeling tight or irritating when you wear them. The fabric is water-repellent on the outside and soft on the inside. Practical and comfortable in one!