MASCOT mainly uses CORDURA® in particularly exposed areas. These include knee pad pockets, rule pockets and holster pockets, which are all exposed to high wear levels and regular use. CORDURA® makes such workwear as trousers even more hard-wearing.

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    • Ten times stronger than cotton
    • Three times stronger than standard polyester
    • Twice as strong as standard nylon

    It is very important that MASCOT’s workwear lasts a long time, so that purchasing MASCOT’s workwear is good business for workwear wearers and employers. One of the ways of ensuring really hard-wearing clothing is to use CORDURA® reinforcement. CORDURA® is one of the principle reasons why the wear resistance of MASCOT's work trousers, workwear jackets and other workwear is in a class of its own. CORDURA® is much stronger than other fabrics, and MASCOT uses it as reinforcement is places where the clothing regularly comes into contact with hands, tools or the floor. For example this includes on the hems of pockets, on the knees and at the bottom of pockets. By choosing products with CORDURA® you ensure that your work trousers and jackets will last longer.

    For CORDURA® durability is nothing new, it has always been part of its DNA. This is another reason why MASCOT uses the fabric. Even when exposed to extreme wear, MASCOT workwear made with CORDURA® will last a very long time. Hard-wearing workwear with high wear resistance does not have to be replaced as often, and that is good for the environment because it reduces waste. CORDURA® is always trying to increase its areas of use and the durability of its textiles, keeping users and environment firmly in its sights.