EN 342

EN 342

MASCOT’s products certified according to the EN 342 standard refer to workwear that offers the best protection against cold.

The best protection from cold is achieved by wearing EN 342 certified workwear. Working in cold environments requires effective workwear that protects and keeps you warm. A cold environment is regarded as a combination of humidity and wind at temperatures below -5 °C. To achieve the best protection against cold, the workwear must be kept dry, and accessories such as gloves and knitted hats should be used to avoid local heat loss. In order to offer the best protection, the clothing must be properly sealed and tight in certain areas, like around the wrist.

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Each product is EN 342 certified according to certain protection classes. The first number in the EN 342 standard indicates air tightness in a class ranging from 1-3, where 3 is the highest. This means that class 3 offers the best protection against cold air passing through the material and reaching the body. The other figure indicates the resistance in relation to water penetration in class 1-2. Class 2 is the highest class and thus provides the best protection against water penetration.

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The lifetime of the workwear is extended if it is cared for according to the instructions and kept in a dry place. MASCOT recommends that you check your workwear regularly for optimal protection.