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Work clothing, Safety Shoes & Accessories

MASCOT wants to deliver the very best work clothes solution and the best safety shoes regardless of the work situation, demands or certifications the workwear and safety footwear have to fulfil. At MASCOT, you will find a broad assortment of work clothes, safety workwear, safety shoes, safety boots and accessories of a high quality. Regardless of cold or warm temperatures, windy or rainy conditions, or if you need extra visibility, it is important to be dressed properly for the situation.

MASCOT’s wide assortment of work clothes, safety workwear, safety footwear and accessories is available in up to 24 different colours per product and in up to 63 different sizes. Within the assortment, you will also find work clothes, safety shoes and accessories especially for women. MASCOT’s assortment consist of different ranges. Find the range suited for you or combine work clothes from the different ranges. MASCOT’s workwear and safety footwear can offer your company its unique profile.

MASCOT’s entire assortment of work clothes and safety workwear is tested and quality assured at MASCOT’s own test centre. The materials used in MASCOT’s products play a decisive role, not only in terms of comfort, but also for the durability and looks. MASCOT knows how important the workwear is in the daily workday and therefore, our goal is to keep making the world’s best work clothes. To gain an understanding of the demands on the work clothes, MASCOT have included the users in the development process in order to design functional workwear: Tested to work!

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