MASCOT primarily uses Kevlar® to strengthen the areas where workwear is most susceptible to wear. Kevlar® is one of the strongest materials on the market when it comes to withstanding impact from sharp objects so MASCOT uses it at the bottom of pockets and as reinforcement on kneepad pockets on a few styles of trousers. Through the use of Kevlar®, the workwear’s functionality, durability and quality are extended.

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High wear resistance is one of the most important factors when choosing workwear, and for this reason, MASCOT uses Kevlar® in a number of products as Kevlar® provides properties that most other materials cannot provide. Kevlar® is an extremely strong fibre which, in combination with other materials, reinforces the areas that are most susceptible to extra wear. This applies to, for example, the bottom of pockets in which one often places sharp tools and objects, and at the knees, where trousers are vulnerable to wear when working in kneeling positions on uneven surfaces.

Safety and strength in many industries

The Kevlar® fibre is made from a synthetic material that is strong enough to stop both bullets and knives. Kevlar® is often referred to as a material that is five times stronger than steel. The material has many applications, including its use in bulletproof and puncture resistant vests used by the military and the police.