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For those of you who are proud of your craft and your profession. You follow the newest trends within workwear and are looking for clothing that matches your life style. Cool, trendy, bohemian and independent.
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Wear MASCOT® FREESTYLE to put together your own look. Workwear can resist wear during your work, while giving you a cool look. And not just at work. Also for leisure, when you are on your way to the gym, or when you are engrossed in your own favourite projects. Freestyle work - Freestyle workwear.
MASCOT® FREESTYLE gives you a style that is inspired by, among other things American surfer culture in the 1960s and the US army’s pilots’ clothing decades ago. That is why this family contain, amongst others, MASCOT® Manhattan, MASCOT® Soho and MASCOT® Yonkers; products that have taken their name from ’edgy’ districts in New York.

The family contains hoodies, jeans and a cap in retro colours, T-shirts with palms and a hat with a cool re-design of the famous MASCOT bear logo. Amongst others. The style is very far from the traditional, uniform workwear. You can even create your own freestyle, by styling and combining the family with genuine old school products like the MASCOT® London thermal jacket from the MASCOT® ORIGINALS family. As the name implies, this range was the original workwear family from MASCOT. There are also innumerable options for mixing with the other workwear families, such as MASCOT® HARDWEAR.

Get inspired and create your own MASCOT® FREESTYLE look: Follow MASCOT_Josh86 on Instagram.

Behind the scenes

MASCOT’s photo team followed MASCOT_Josh86 for a whole day during the photo shoot of the new MASCOT® FREESTYLE range (find MASCOT_Josh86 on Instagram). The location for capturing this was a 'freestyle' construction built from scratch: a 600 square meter American inspired log cabin in Denmark. In addition, among other things, a Chevrolet pickup truck, borrowed especially for the occasion, was featured. Join us the behind the scenes.

Meet MASCOT_Josh86

Josh 86
Josh is 29 years old. He is proud of his profession as a craftsman and proud of his lifestyle. Josh is not looking for traditional workwear. He will never wear a uniform as such, but assembles his look from different influences: Fashion, streets, retro, workwear. Personal style. Cool. Bohemian. Perfect fit. Trendy. Independent.
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