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Safety footwear from the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR ENERGY collection delivers exceptional comfort and freedom for both your back and your feet with the help of an extremely shock absorbing sole material of ETPU. The sole material efficiently absorbs the shock of stepping on hard surfaces so the pressure doesn’t stress the legs and back. MASCOT® FOOTWEAR ENERGY is optimal comfort for your feet. All materials at the forefoot are extremely flexible so the shoe flexibly follows and supports all movements. At the same time, the weight of the footwear is among the lowest on the market. The weight is kept down through metal-free lightweight materials like the composite toe cap and textile nail protection, which also make the footwear completely metal free.
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The FLEX collection is your guarantee for optimum fit. The FLEX models are freedom to move for hours without getting tired feet. The foot is supported and stabilised at the back of the shoe and offers plenty of room for movements of the front of the foot. The footwear is also equipped with an insole with optimal arch support that can counteract the tendency to flat foot. Stepping into the footwear from the FLEX collection feels soft and comfortable. The sole has excellent shock absorption, and the front part of the shoe bends flexibly with the foot. At the same time, you get shoes that are lightweight; the weight of these safety shoes is among the lowest on the market. Read more and see photos of the MASCOT® FOOWEAR FLEX collection.


MASCOT FOOTWEAR DYNAMICDYNAMIC is the optimum choice for an active working day where you need footwear that is both hard-wearing and comfortable to walk around in. The models feature strong reinforcement at the toes (scuff cap), which is an absolute must if a lot of your work takes place in a kneeling position. Inside the footwear, your feet benefit from an ergonomically-designed fit so the footwear can bend and move extensively, without being caused discomfort by the toe cap or other safety features. The footwear has a sporty look, effective shock absorption and a transparent sole that does not leave marks on the walking surface.



The FIT collection has a comfortable fit. The footwear provides support and fits closely at the heel. At the same time, there is plenty of space in the front, allowing great freedom of movement for the toes and front of the foot. The FIT models are also lightweight, flexible and offer great shock absorption, retaining their comfort even after long days of wearing the safety footwear. There are even models with the quick and flexible Boa® closing mechanism in this collection. If, on the other hand, you choose one of the models without Boa®, you will have a completely metal-free shoe. When they are metal-free, they conduct neither heat nor cold.


The TECH collection includes comfortable footwear for tradespeople, and those in light construction, logistics and light industry. The footwear has an especially flexible, non-slip sole made from PU/rubber. The sole contains a stabilising core (shank), making the shoes stable, even on very uneven surfaces. In the centre of this stabilising material is a foam plastic pad, which together with shock absorption of the sole and insole, provides excellent walking comfort. The sole is also heat-resistant up to 300°C contact heat.


The INDUSTRY collection offers robust and hard-wearing footwear for outdoor work. The footwear is designed to resist hard wear when crawling around on concrete floors, working in sewer pipes or in similar environments. This footwear is ideal for more extreme conditions because the sole is made from strong PU/rubber that is heat-resistant up to 300°C contact heat. The strong scuff cap (toe cap) also makes the footwear extremely hard-wearing for kneeling work. It also has an special non-slip sole, with a specially designed pattern that releases dirt and earth when the sole bends during walking.


In addition to all of their safety details, the CLASSIC collection offers a very comfortable fit. There are also models in this collection that you should choose if you want footwear that is slightly broader than average. The footwear is made from flexible materials, giving great walking comfort. Stability on uneven surfaces is also ensured by a small stiffening insert in the back part of the sole, protecting the feet even further. The CLASSIC models are, therefore, ideal for many types of tasks and trades within light construction and crafts, when you are working both indoors and outdoors.


Protect and take care of your footwear by using the right products. This will increase the lifetime of your safety footwear.


Have a safe day!


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