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Safety footwear can be the critical difference between having a good day or a bad day at work. If something heavy is dropped or you step on a nail, the right safety footwear may prevent permanent injury.

Approved safety footwear has many different safety elements. Midsoles protect against sharp objects below and toe caps protect against pressure, impact and dropped objects. Slip resistant soles allow you to stand firm on uneven or slippery surfaces. You can also find chemical and heat-resistant footwear as well as anti-static shoes at MASCOT. Use the product search criteria to select what you need. Compare and see all the options in the selection of safety shoes, sandals and boots.

  • Tatra MASCOT Footwear Fit

All MASCOT’s safety footwear has full safety, with midsoles and toe caps, and is therefore either S1P or S3. The difference is that S3 footwear is waterproof, so look for this symbol if you tend to work in the rain.

An entire day in safety footwear can be challenging, but not if they are super comfortable to wear. Therefore, our goal at MASCOT is to offer you the most comfortable safety shoes, boots and sandals on the market. Here, you can find safety footwear with impact absorption, great comfort when walking and the correct support.

Accessories for safety footwear

To achieve the best comfort and support in your daily work, it is important that the accessories for safety shoes and boots are also the best. MASCOT offers a wide selection of accessories such as soles, shoe laces and impregnation sprays. Take care of your safety shoes and boots so that they can serve you for a long time.


Have a safe day!


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