15. May 2017
A new range with stretch, durability and comfort in a league of its own. MASCOT® ADVANCED honours all the hard-working, passionate people who demand the very best of their workwear.
– to work passionately under extreme weather conditions

In the Nordic countries, the sea, wind and weather are rough, yet extremely fascinating and appealing. One of the places where the weather leaves its mark on the skin and where you sometimes have to squint to see is Klitmøller located on Denmark’s Northwest coast. Wind, salt and sea spray from the west are the norm and shape the people that live here. Determined, brave people that follow their calling and their passion.
- design, durability and protection against the weather

With inspiration from the people who live and work with the sea and wind on the horizon, we have developed MASCOT® ADVANCED. A Nordic inspired range of workwear that withstands wind, weather and not least the demands for freedom of movement that you require to be at your very best. MASCOT® ADVANCED is workwear for all professions with an unlimited freedom of movement similar to that of clothing for extreme sports. The design is inspired by surfers' wetsuits and the durability and sturdiness are inspired by the indomitable fishermen's extreme wind and weather conditions.


TARGET GROUP - with passion as a driving force

Bruger Advanced 1

A type – not an age


Professional occupation:
Craftsmanship and construction


Casual (but not too much),
trendy in an unpretentious way


Shopping (work, sport, leisure time, food):
Quality over quantity. Practical over decorative. Aware of personal style.


Sport (e.g., football, surfing, snowboarding), outdoor activities (e.g., hunting or angling).
Bruger Advanced 2
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