New favourite shorts for craftsmen

9. June 2016
There are three ingredients for the perfect shorts for craftsmen on busy, hot work days: Optimum fit with a light but hard-wearing material, comfort through inserts of flexible elasticated material, and smart pocket functions.

Hard-wearing elasticated material is workwear’s new wonder product for a comfortable work day. These stretch zones allow for great freedom of movement, particularly when you have to bend down, squat, etc.. With the new MASCOT® Olot shorts you will immediately notice a huge difference; the elasticated material on the inside means the shorts are flexible and well fitted during all movements whilst the stronger material on the outside maintains its shape and ensures that the trousers don’t slide down when you squat or when your pockets are filled with heavy tools.

In warm surroundings comfortable clothing is a must. These shorts have a high content of soft and comfortable cotton (50%) and are made in a light yet hard-wearing material that can carry all the heavy tools you need. There is lots of room for tools and machines. The holster pockets have numerous compartments in various sizes. The left holster pocket is particularly spacious and its size can be regulated. It also comes with a smart feature of magnets in the base of the pocket that can be loosened to create additional space for tools, equipment and screws. The thigh pocket features a magnetic catch on the outer mobile phone pocket.  In addition, there is the fantastic feature of an extra tool strap that can be pulled out from behind the left back pocket and is most often used for a hammer or small crowbar.

Shorts til håndværkeren
The new shorts and trousers in this line feature inserts of elasticated material so the trousers stretch where they need to. In particular, this applies to the knees (trousers) and in the lining (trousers and shorts).

All the pockets are highly resistant to wear.  Both the ruler pocket and the holster pockets are made from hard-wearing CORDURA® and both have Kevlar®-reinforced bottoms. Kevlar® is exceptionally resistant to punctures and contributes considerably to the life of the product by protecting the pockets in which you carry knives, screwdrivers and other pointed tools.

The new craftsmen’s shorts are the younger brother to the MASCOT® Madrid craftsmen’s trousers launched earlier this year. MASCOT® Madrid has a little more of everything: Even more elasticated material inserts on the inside leg and at the knees, more places with high wear resistance, and extra details like kneepad pockets and more spacious thigh pockets.

See the wealth of functions in MASCOT® Olot in the video here:

The brand new shorts from MASCOT are available in three colours: white, black and light khaki. They are part of the MASCOT® HARDWEAR collection, aimed at craftsmen who require a perfect fit, innovative materials and extensive functionality.

About MASCOT® Olot craftsmen’s shorts:
• Hard-wearing, breathable material: 50% cotton/50% polyester
• Light weight: 205 g/m²
• Colours: white, black and light khaki
• Inside leg length 29 cm, in a range of different sizes from C 42 - C 68.
• In stock at your local retailer from June 2016

Arbejdsbukser med stretch

The craftsmen’s trousers, MASCOT® Madrid, are the long version of the craftsmen’s shorts – for example, if you simply cannot be without your knee pads. There is lots of breathable and flexible elasticated material, as well as vents at the knees allowing heat to dissipate.

You can download high resolution pictures here:

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