Gold Rush – the adventure continues

16. November 2015
Season 6 of Gold Rush is about to begin, and once again MASCOT supports Todd Hoffman’s team with workwear and safety shoes in their attempt to find gold. Hoffman’s team put MASCOT’s workwear through the test, and definitely ensures that it is Tested to work.

A new season of Gold Rush has commenced, and once more, MASCOT supports Todd Hoffman’s team with workwear and safety footwear. Gold Rush follow miners striving to reach the American Dream. Last year, MASCOT equipped Hoffman’s team with workwear and safety shoes, through our American distributor REPCON NW, who also set up the cooperation agreement. This year, MASCOT®WORKWEAR is the Hoffman-team’s official sponsor of workwear and safety shoes.

New team-members, but still MASCOT
Last year was a comeback season for Todd Hoffman’s team, and this year it will be even better. In season 6, Todd Hoffman gets a new mechanic, Randy Hubler. As the rest of the team, Randy is equipped with MASCOT’s workwear from head to toe. He got the MASCOT® Lerida trousers with kneepad protection, MASCOT® Mataro Pilot Jacket and a pair of MASCOT® Elbrus safety boots. Randy Hubler is excited with his new workwear: »In my 32 years as a service tech, I have worn every major brand of work attire, and this year I got a chance to wear MASCOT for the first time. MASCOT’s workwear is amazing!« Randy blew out a kneecap, when he was younger. By inserting kneepads in his trousers, he is able to crawl up, over and under the heavy equipment without his knees hurting. The kneepad insertion in the Lerida trousers work. Strap-on kneepads will not do for a mechanic like Randy, as they would slide around during his work on the heavy machines.

MASCOT is definitely Tested to work
Those who have seen Gold Rush know that, their workwear is put through the test. »There in the Yukon, everything wants to take a bite of you, the quarts rock is jagged and very sharp. I thought the rock would cut right through the material. NO CHANCE!« Randy explains. The teams do not sit on their hands in Gold Rush. Instead, they work hard and following this, wear out their clothes. Randy Hubler showed his workwear to REPCON NW, and it was impressive what it had endured. »I cannot thank you enough because without this workwear, I would not have been able to do my job.« Randy finishes.

Follow Randy Hubler and the entire Hoffman-team in this season of Gold Rush. Todd Hoffman already reveals that Randy is coming back for the next season: »I have nothing but good to say about him. He is a badass. Best mechanic I ever had.«

Randy Hubler puts his MASCOT-workwear through the test. To the right you find his MASCOT® Elbrus safety boots well worn out.

Follow Gold Rush on Discovery Channel
Season 6 of Gold Rush has already begun in the US and UK. Follow the series every Friday on the Discovery Channel (US) and Tuesdays in the UK.

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