MASCOT joins the Dakar Rally

For the 37th time, the world’s Dakar Rally enthusiasts turn their attention towards the gigantic race that sets off in Buenos Aires on 4 January 2015.
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Prince Joachim launches MASCOT's health program in Laos

His Royal Highness Prince Joachim yesterday inaugurated a health and wellness program that Denmark’s largest manufacturer of workwear, Mascot International A/S, has established at the new MASCOT factory in Laos.
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MASCOT is featured in today's edition of South China Morning Post

Today, MASCOT finds itself in the distinguished company of a number of other Danish businesses, in a special edition of the Hong Kong-based, independent English-language newspaper, South China Morning Post, prepared by Discovery Reports Group. Several times a year they publish a supplement that focuses on the business community of a particular country and this time, it is Denmark.
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If the shoe fits !

We have a tendency to choose safety footwear based on looks but the outer appearance of the footwear says nothing about how the feet and body will feel after wearing the footwear for 8-9 hours a day for months.
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MASCOT® Underwear – The Perfect Package

MASCOT® WORKWEAR helps you make the right choice - Comfort for everyday
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Stay in your comfort zone

Contrary to the trend of “stepping out of your comfort zone” the task of your functional underwear is to keep you in your comfort zone, all day long. Base layers need to provide effective moisture-wicking, and, now that the colder temperatures are on their way, they also need to insulate. Now comes the new multi-functional underwear from MASCOT, which offers you all of this in a very efficient way via COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology.
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MASCOT’s Danish-Vietnamese education success

MASCOT has been active in a number of educational partnerships in Vietnam, with the participation of both Vietnamese and Danish educational institutions. One of Denmark’s largest educational institutions, Niels Brock, has reached an agreement with Hanoi’s Foreign Trade University on improving the university's financial bachelor’s degree program.
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Uncompromising safety and comfort in new multi-protective workwear range

For many years, multi-protective clothing has almost exclusively been designed to protect the wearer against external elements such as arcs, sparks, etc., and it still must do so. But, now comes a range of protective clothing where more than just safety has been paramount to the development process. The internal comfort and an ergonomic fit, allowing greater mobility and functionality such as pockets, straps and adjustment options has also been brought into focus.
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Minister visits in Laos

MASCOT's new production facilities in Laos have had a great start. And MASCOT’s CSR policy in Laos evokes such a stir that the country's newly appointed minister paid a visit.
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MASCOT is on the right path

It is time for the publication of financial statements, and MASCOT is ready with our financial statements for 2013.
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Making it personal – MIX & MATCH

Companies of all sizes are realising the power of workwear to create the right impression externally. By incorporating corporate colours and logos, staff can become brand ambassadors while companies can distinguish themselves from the competition. For example, energy companies use this option to set themselves apart as a supplier in a highly competitive market.*
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MASCOT® Lemberg trousers - lightweight & ergonomic

Perfect for those hot situations where wearing shorts just won't cut it.
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MASCOT WORKWEAR is ready for some warmer weather? Are you?

With the prospect of warmer temperatures, many are now looking for lighter alternatives to winter’s heavy workwear trousers. From Spring, our already extensive range will grow to include two new ¾-length trousers in both one-colour and two-colour variants.
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Tested to work – in extreme conditions at the end of the world. MASCOT has equipped the expedition ”Ultima Patagonia” that is currently exploring one of the most impassable and hostile terrains of the world.
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