Say goodbye to tired feet after a hard day at work

15. January 2012
Be comfortable in your safety shoes – all day long. Comfort and flexibility are the most important features for 3 new pairs of MASCOT Safety shoes.



The new in-sole with even better fitting gives you a comfortable feeling through the whole day. The in-sole provides additional support to the arch and has a shock absorbent in the heel – a big advantage when working on a hard surface or when you move around a lot during your day. An extra advantage is the in-sole’s moist absorbing function. This means you will not sweat in your shoes, even when the shoe is firmly fitted to provide extra protection.

Flexible inside and outside
The sole is also more flexible because it is made of a very soft and flexible rubber material. This means good contact with the surface you are on, and therefore less risk to slip or to fall.
Because of these good and flexible features you have a every chance to feel good in the new safety shoes. They are suited for many different situations and you can move around in different positions without getting sore and tired feet.

A ‘lightweight’ model
These shoes are well suited for those who work in lighter industrial, construction or service industries i.e. with electrics, transportation, warehouse or logistics or for those with a profession that does not require a lot of kneeling or working with liquids or chemicals. In that case we would suggest a safety shoe made of water-repellent/waterproof leather with a scuff cap.

Of course in MASCOTs new shoes, safety hasn’t been compromised and they have a midsole protection and a protective toe cap like other MASCOT safety shoes.

The three new models, MASCOT® Leone, MASCOT® Saipal en MASCOT® Logan are already available at your local supplier/dealer. Three models with the same excellent, comfortable features but with different looks – something for everybody’s taste!


Text for pictures:
From left to right: MASCOT® Leone, MASCOT® Saipal, MASCOT® Logan


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