Safety footwear with a high level of ambition

3. March 2010
MASCOT reveals one of this year’s two brand new ranges of safety footwear.

This range is specially designed for Industry. Here, it is important to have safety footwear that is both heat resistant and extremely robust. MASCOT has solved many of the common problems experienced in industrial footwear with this new design which sees the durable rubber sole being extended a little further up the sides of the footwear. This means that the shoes are heat resistant, up to 300 degrees of contact heat, at an even wider surface area. The same goes for protection against chemicals. At the same time the footwear has a thick toe reinforcement (Pronose) in the same material, so kneeling work will not destroy the footwear’s toe.

Normally, safety and durability are the highest priority for developers of safety footwear for industry. But MASCOT has a greater ambition. In the Danish company, user comfort is an equally high priority. A specially designed sole provides the best cushioning of all MASCOT soles, yet the weight of the entire shoe is low compared to similar models in the industry, namely 620 grams for each shoe (MASCOT ® Alban size 42). Two of the ranges styles have a very exclusive thin leather lining, which ensures good breathability and absorbs moisture from the foot. Last but not least, MASCOT has designed an entirely new profile type under the shoe. It is not only very slip resistant, but also has a design that helps the foot's movements, e.g. when turning whilst walking.

Find the new range at your local workwear distributor from 1 April 2010.


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