MASCOT will again

be put to the test in one of the world’s most extreme races
Dakar 2019 4B1EDF14-A11D-4ED4-A0BB-46706ED919D8 Tested to work in extreme conditions
Friday, January 4, 2019
On 6th January 2019 Dakar Rally begins for the 41th time and MASCOT is once again proud sponsor of the team with Tim and Tom Coronel. We look forward to experiencing MASCOT’s workwear and safety footwear being tested under extreme conditions.

For the 11th time, Dakar Rally is held on the South American continent. This time only driving through Peru on trucks, buggys and quads, where the race finishes on the 17th January. Over 300 vehicles are ready in different categories and the racers have to cover over 5000 km.

The good collaboration continues in 2019

MASCOT continues its good cooperation with the two Dutch, racing twin brothers Tim and Tom Coronel and equips the mechanics in MAXXIS Dakar team with workwear and safety footwear. In their home country, the Coronel brothers have gained a high status, and not just among motorsports enthusiasts. It will be Tim’s 12th race, while his brother Tom participates for his sixth time in what might be the world’s toughest off-road race.

Tim, Tom and “The Beast part two” are ready to race

With joint efforts and after a year of preparations, the 46-year-old twin brothers Tim and Tom Coronel will once again be participating in the 2019 Dakar Rally. This time, they will also participate with their cherished buggy, which they refer to as ‘The Beast’. The name referes to the buggy’s aggressive look, but it will however also have MASCOT® WORKWEAR written on the front and on the side. After last year’s Dakar Rally in South America, the brothers have evaluated and worked hard to get the buggy ready for the next race. »To be honest, many things weren’t right,« Tim admits. ‘The Beast’ needed some changes to be ready for Dakar 2019. »Especially the issues with the temperature management needed to be sorted. In the last Dakar Rally, driving went pretty well, but we also had to stop often to sort out the cooling. That’s why we removed parts of the car to generate more cooling«. But, now they are ready to release “The beast part two”. Where the racers previously had to navigate on different grounds, the Dakar Rally only takes place in Peru’s dunes, sand and desert this year.

MASCOT’s products are once again tested under extreme conditions

It is not just the drivers that meet their limits during the extreme off-road race. It also takes a lot to be a mechanic during Dakar. With the extreme, constantly shifting weather conditions and working in open air, the clothes have to endure everything and still be comfortable to wear. MASCOT has for a long time provided the mechanics in MAXXIS Dakar team with clothes. Just like Tim and Tom Coronel and their team of mechanics, MASCOT is driven by a great passion. MASCOT’s goal is to develop and manufacture the world’s best workwear and safety footwear, and therefore it is an obvious and very welcome opportunity to have our products’ durability, functionality and quality tested under the though and extreme conditions in which the Dakar Rally takes place year after year.

2019 Dakar: 100 % Peru, 5000 km, 70 % sand.