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Safety Shoe & Safety Boot - Black - 2012
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Selecting safety footwear according to the specific requirements of your job is of utmost importance, in order to ensure that your footwear offers you adequate protection.

For example if you work in wet conditions you will need waterproof, slip resistant shoes; if you handle heavy materials look out for a shoe that offers good resistance to pressure and if you work with chemical substances then opt for safety footwear that is resistant to chemical agents.

MASCOT® FOOTWEAR is divided into different safety classes to help you make an informative choice to suit your needs.

MASCOT® Elbrus safety boot is a class S3 boot that meets all the above requirements. The boots have slip resistant PU/rubber outer soles, good resistance to pressure and have heat resistant soles up to 300°C contact heat as well as them being oil, petrol and chemical resistant. What’s more the bootleg is water-repellent and breathable. The toe cap is made from aluminum and is ergonomically formed to ensure maximum comfort and the steel mid-sole will prevent nuisance sharp objects from penetrating the sole. All contribute to making MASCOT® FOOTWEAR some of the most comfortable, smart and safe footwear on the market.

In addition, they fit perfectly with MASCOT® WORKWEAR both in terms of colour, function and quality. In this way you and your company appear more professional with workwear that matches from top to toe.