MASCOT’s customers

speak out
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In connection with the recent award MASCOT has received concerning Best Customer Value amongst 700 other European Workwear manufacturers, some of our many European Customers given their comments on how MASCOT creates value for them.

"It is not surprising to see MASCOT® WORKWEAR picking up the recent Frost & Sullivan award for ‘customer value enhancement’.

We are proud to be a distributor and have a long association with MASCOT and the Scottish workwear market place where Corston Sinclair has been an important player as an independent reliable workwear supplier for over 50 years.

We are grateful to MASCOT for their continued support of the market in Scotland and for the innovation they have brought to the field of workwear over the years. The quality and value for money products MASCOT offers are second to none in the workwear industry.

So from one family owned business to another we say, well done, congratulations and look forward to many more years, working with MASCOT."

Sandy McIlwham, Managing Director, Corston Sinclair, Glasgow

"We went through a thorough selection process before we committed to one workwear supplier. It quickly became clear that we had to choose MASCOT, who lived up to their slogan TESTED TO WORK. We met a very welcoming organisation with a wealth of options. We put together the right combination of products from MASCOT’s wide standard range, and excellent special order solutions, that perfectly matched Falck, who have employees in many countries. Furthermore, MASCOT provides a wide range of additional services such as a web ordering solution MASCOT® Smart Store, which greatly relieves our organisation. Overall, Mascot provides the best solution for us, so there was no doubt about our choice of workwear supplier.”

Martin Møller, Head of Procurement, Falck Danmark A/S