When the culture is lived, it creates the uniqueness of the company

A company's culture cannot be dictated. Only when it is lived with 100% dedication, can new employees understand the culture and become a part of it. At MASCOT we believe highly that the culture creates the company and its results. All companies have their own culture. MASCOT® provides here some examples of the culture that helps to define MASCOT - as a company, product and workplace.

Product Development Manager

»Our motivation comes not only from the praise we receive for our products. We are highly motivated to find the problems and issues of our target group that we can then solve through innovative solutions. For example, we consider the problems of workwear users as potential opportunities for us. And this is typical of MASCOT. We accept challenges with open arms, and we go all the way to find a solution that suits both us and our customers. We have an open culture where we share knowledge and learn from one another, on both solutions and errors, so we can develop ourselves and MASCOT. And as genuine enthusiasts, we love what we do.«



»In MASCOT Vietnam and MASCOT Laos we show every single day, that it makes a big difference to be employed by MASCOT. Out here, unfortunately, decent working conditions are not the rule, but at MASCOT, even in Asia, we have chosen to fully live up to international standards in terms of wages and working conditions. MASCOTs 2000 employees in Asia acknowledge this daily with high efficiency and high quality consciousness. Happy employees are good employees.«

Mai, HR & Administration Manager
Thomas Bo, Managing Director,
Mascot International Vietnam & Laos
International Marketing Manager

»I am very proud to be part of a company that is dynamic and ambitious. It's fantastic that you have the opportunity both to contribute to the development of the company and to be challenged the  whole time. Our slogan and work strategy TESTED TO WORK challenges me to take ownership, be proactive and to go the extra mile. And it is very satisfying that the results can be seen in the market.«


»MASCOT is a company with a burning desire to lead in the development.  This requires, first and foremost, a willingness to change and open-minded employees who have the desire to try new things, in order for processes and tasks to be solved optimally and future-proof. Employees of MASCOT must also be able to lift the great responsibilities that are given in the company, and we do that by helping each other, relieving congestion and resolving tasks together. Only in this way can we create the best conditions for each other and for MASCOT as a company.«

Chief Accountant




Headquarters: Silkeborg, Denmark
Founded: 1982
Employees: 2300
Own factory in Vietnam: Opened in 2008
Own factory in Laos: Opened in 2013
Products: Workwear, Safety Footwear
Number of items: 20,000.
Main markets: Western Europe
Sales: Exclusively through distributors throughout Europe
Main markets: Construction, crafts, transportation, logistics and industry

Credit Rating: AAA (highest credit assessment)

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